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What online casino has the best casino bonus? it is a frequently asked question on the web now a days. We will try to answer just that question. We have gone through the best casino bonuses on the web and have gathered a list of the absolute top casino bonuses out there.

Our Top List


There are many different kinds if casino bonuses and offers online. We have the standard match bonus as you get as an welcome package with your first deposit. There are also various free bonuses that comes in the form of free spins or free cash. You can read more about the free bonuses by clicking here.

Free Spins Bonus

Some online casinos has gone over to just giving free spins on deposit. It is an easy way to communicate bonuses and no need to count difficult things like %. Casino Heroes is one of those casinos. When you make your deposit you will get up to 500 free spins on various games. How many free spins you get is usually determined by the amount you deposit.

What is a wagering requirement

Nothing comes completely for free. Once you have activated a bonus a wagering requirement sets in before you can withdraw your money. This means you need to turnover your bonus amount a certain amount of times before you can make and withdrawal. Usually the wagering requirement is set around 35-40X we do not recommend playing higher bonuses than40X as it get’s very difficult reaching the turnover requirement. An example how the wagering requirement works: Activate an bonus of €100 that has an wagering requirement of 35X, Then you have to spin for €3500. Example 3500 spins with €1 bet pr. spin or 350 spins with €10 bet pr. spin. Once you have cleared the wagering requirement you are free to withdraw your money.

Play or not Play with Casino Bonus

The most repeating question. We at casinoking refrain to play bonuses as much as possible, but it is a up to every players preference. We don’t play bonuses for one reason, When we win we want to be able to withdraw at anytime. Some players are more acceptant to wagreing requirements than others so we would say it is up to every individual. One room that we keep coming back to when playing bonuses is Leovegas. They have made a brilliant thing that you always play your own money first. That way if you win you can always widthraw your winnings with your own cash and just forfeit the bonus.

Let’s say you deposit €100 and gets €100 bonus. You have €200 to play for. If you win before the amount goes down to €99.99 you can withdraw your cash at anytime. If it goes down the wagering requirement kicks in, if that happens you would have busted anyways but now you get a second chance of winning some real money. A very generous bonus by Leovegas and we hope more online casinos will follow suit.