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Online casino is literally booming all over the world at the moment. Every week there is a new online casino being born each new casino different to the other. More and more players move over to conduct their playing on computers and not at least mobile devices instead of going to a brick and mortar casino or visiting the race tracks.

With so many casino online we have made it easy for you and created a list of the best online casinos out there. The casinos below are completely safe to play and has thoroughly tested by the casinoking members. You can read our reviews to know more about the different casinos or go straight to play by a simple click.

Top Online Casino

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Which Online Casino is Best

With so many different casino online you can’t pin point the ultimate one. There are a lot of brilliant casinos all has it’s special feature or design. It is a matter of personal preference on which casino is best suited for you. Luckily we have reviewed each of our casinos and you can read all about them before choosing where you want to spend your money.

If you play more then casino we recommend the bigger brands that provides both sportsbook, bingo and poker in conjunction with their casino. In our reviews we will state if they have more then one product so you can easily find the right one for you. Some players puts more focus on design and the newest casinos is focusing more and more in creating a story or missions that the players can explore. A really popular feature that is being copied on all new online casinos is trophy system and trying to mix in social casino. We have yet found a casino online that does this perfectly but we are sure it is comming very soon.

What is an online casino

So what exactly is an online casino? Well easiest explained it is like any other brick and mortar casino. Everything is just online. most often you can play the same games as you can play on your local casino. But now you can do it in the comfort of your home, on the train or during your work lunch. All online casinos demands that you register an account with your personal identification nr. This is to prevent money laundry and any fraud. Each account is personal and can not be lend out or sold. This is due to regulatory rules. To operate a online casino you need a licensee that is approved by a european country and the european union. The most common license is the MGA (Maltese) which is also the best on in our oppinnion. This will grant operators to invite players almost from all of europe. Another on is the UK license which is given from Alderney, both iof these has been approved by european and all casinos online that operates through these are completely safe to play at. The ones you should look out for is the casinos from curacao. These do not have as strict rules and is not approved by EU but and we recommend staying away from those online casinos.

Online casino, a growing market

Online Casino has grown a lot the past couple of years.
This is mostly due to the technologically advancements which allows you to play through browser and on your mobile device. I consider my self as a young person still and remember when i got my first Nintendo 8-bit. The graphic was the stunning. Now the technology is mind blowing both visual and audio. Now you can play all your favorite online casino games in your mobile device anywhere you are as long as you have an internet connection. New games like Aliens from netent uses the latest 3D rendering technology as you see in videogames. The quality has been improved so much so the old school slots are considered being Dinosaurs and are rarely being played at all online.

 Casinoking presents the best casino guide

Hopefully you, after reading this article, feel ready to step in the existing world of online casino. As you most likely already figured out as a newbie to the online casinos it can be very tricky and timewasting to find the right casino for you.

Fortunately, there are good websites out there who are ranking the different casinos online.  On this kind of web pages, you will find what kind of casino bonus offers are available, if there is any good welcome bonus, free spins and what kind of casino games they offer. For example, if the offer jackpot games, a poker room, sports book, and live casino. All depends on what you as an online casino player is after.

Where to find the latest casino news?

Check out to get the latest news about casinos on the net today. This site is one of the leading compering sites online with a huge variety of online casinos, both old and new ones. Here you can read reviews about the different casinos, pros, and cons.

We recommend you to go in and check out now, find an online casino, create a gaming account and start spinning.  We can guaranty you that you will find a perfect casino online with the best online casino bonuses and free spins, and your favorite casino games.

Latest Online Casino News

Every day there is something happening in the online casino world. Whether there is a new game release, new bonus offer or a new brand coming up we will be ready. Stay on top of what is happening on the casino online world with casinoking.